Advantage Dist., & Lubricants, LLC
Some of the available services and products
Advantage Distributing & Lubricants provides unparalled application expertise and distribution of lubricating oils, food grade lubricants, microfiltered lube oils, petro-chemicals, greases, food grade greases, hydraulic fluids, food grade hydraulic fluids, cutting oils, coolants, heat transfer mediums, glycol, silicone, aircraft oils, refrigerants, Baldwin heavy duty filters and cooling system products, enviro safe sorbents & floor dry, pads, wipers, socks, and related materials.
We can assist you with fluid and wear analysis services, and custom micro filtering. Advantage Lubricants has developed and distributes Duragard(TM) premium hydro cracked & synthetic lubricants and Duragard(TM) -25f Window Wash. We also produce Advantage Ultra-Power(TM) custom car & truck cleaning detergents in liquid and powder, and Advantage Ultra-Power(TM) water soluble Conrete De-greaser and cleaner. Advantge Dist. also is the inventor and manufacturer of Advantage Glass Wash "J" the quality standard, used by leading glass manufacturers worldwide in recirculating spray washers in the continuous glass, VDT tube, coated and architectural glass manufacturing industry.
Advantage Lubricants can provide premium quality hydro cracked & synthetic lubricants and other specialty lubricants and chemicals or detergents custom packaged in containers that bear your company name, part number, bar code, and logo. Advantage Lubricants can provide competitivly priced major brand and specialty lubricants and heat transfer mediums for export world wide. Just have your customs broker contact us for details. Please contact us to discuss custom services or problem solving that you may need but that are not listed above.

Let us be YOUR lubricant & filter supplier !